Laconic NoQ Attendance System

Laconic NoQ Attendance System

No more queuing is needed!

Queuing for attendance at work has been a concern of workers’ productivity and social compliance. To prohibit fraudulent attendance and to ensure accurate attendance record for payroll and audit purpose, biometric technologies are often adopted with an impact of long queuing time.


1. No queue is ever needed during clock in/out. 2. Turnkey device that eliminate installation or tuning at deployment site. 3. Easy data sharing with external systems using .CSV file via FTP server

A survey conducted by factories in India has found that staff queue for an average of 15 minutes to process 350 staff attendance in the morning. At least another 3 attendance records needs to be taken during the day for lunch break and end of shift. It is an average of 60 minutes per day of queuing for attendance purpose. NoQ takes approximately 3 minutes to process 350 staff attendance, where queuing time is greatly reduced by 80%, i.e. 70,000 hours is saved per year or USD70,000 at USD1 hourly rate. The saving can be used in production to enhance productivity and efficiency.


  • RFID + Facial Recognition

    Latest technologies allowing high speed dual identity validation that prevents fraudulent attendance records.

  • Multiple Faces Recognition

    Multiple faces can be captured from 2m away, and be processed by the facial recognition engine rapidly at any one time, thus reduces time required for attendance taking.

  • Report

    Raw attendance data can be exported to legacy systems for fulfilling HR requirements in all industries.

  • Interactive Media

    It’s a communication tool from delivering company notices to product, event photos and videos when staff comes to work. It’s a warm greeting and welcoming device to boost morale.

  • Plug-n-Play Kiosk

    Plug-n-play device that operate without hacking a tile. All hardware and software are integrated without the need of peripherals or network cabling. Its mobility maximizes its adaptability to different environments; reduces complexity of deployment and increases system scalability.

  • Long-Distance Detection Range

    Identity can be detected from 5 meters away from entrance if desired.