Working with records (leads, contacts, invoices, etc.)

  • Working with CRM records
  • Capturing leads from a website with a form
  • Exporting via .CSV file
  • Importing via .CSV file
  • Handling duplicate records
  • Customizing automatic record numbering
  • Capturing leads from a website with a form
  • Searching and filtering records

Starting your subscription

  • Starting your paid subscription
  • Downloading your subscription invoices
  • Changing your billing information
  • Canceling your subscription

Administering users

  • Adding and removing CRM users
  • Changing user account passwords
  • Configuring roles and profiles
  • Configuring record sharing rules
  • Changing date, number, and currency formats

Module settings

  • Adding and removing fields
  • Editing drop down menus
  • Pick list dependencies
  • Mapping lead fields
  • Creating printable documents from record data
  • Designing attractive email templates

Other CRM settings and tools

  • Settings page overview
  • Adding your company information
  • Hiding and showing CRM modules
  • Editing field labels
  • Setting up your main menu
  • Installing extensions
  • Setting up your incoming email server
  • Setting up your outgoing email server
  • Setting inventory terms and conditions
  • The configuration editor

Dashboards & reports

  • Creating a report
  • Home page dashboard