Education Sector

Education Sector

Education is the key to the task of nation-building for any country. The Indian education system recognizes the role of education in instilling the values of secularism, egalitarianism, respect for democratic traditions and civil liberties and quest for justice.

Study Says: There is a huge demand for upgradation of education as India is expected to have a surplus of 47 million people in the working age group by 2020. As a result, both the formal education sector (including K-12 and higher education) as well as informal sector (including coaching institutions, pre-schools and vocational institutions) are witnessing rapid growth.

We have been working for education sector since 2004 continuously for innovative and comprehensive educational solution which help teachers ,students and guardians .Laconic’s products ensure in depth understanding of today’s educational smart needs.


  • Virtual Learning
  • Automating schools/colleges/institutions
  • Online exams portals for various college/universities
  • Student activities monitoring software products

Student Attendance System Using RFID

We Laconic Technology provide two types if RFID attendance model for all types of educational institutes (School, colleges, coaching centers, institutes). 

Show & Go model. (Card show and go model)

Walkthrough Model 3meter (No need to show any card)

School Bus Attendance Model (GPS+RFID) , Basic GPS Tracking Systems, GPS + RFID Systems

School Bus Attendance Model (GPS+RFID) , Basic GPS Tracking Systems, GPS + RFID Systems


  • Bulk entry of student and employees data (save money of data entry person)
  • Attendances send by SMS and mobile App. Also.
  • You can refresh the attendance of your demo machine by your own basis.
  • Special time slot facilities for those school who have shifting ( morning and evening)
  • For coaching centre where classes system held, Software send attendance report of all Classes in the evening so parents get informed about the attendance of all classes in a single message.

This is a basic solution where School Bus is fitted with GPS Tracking Devices. These devices send data to Our servers. So, admin & parents can monitor the vehicles in real time. Alerts like Geofencing, GPS/Power cutoff, Overspending can be set for school admin. In order to provide real time vehicle location to parents, we offer an Android App. Its an advanced app where each parent can sign in using their respective logins. Android Notifications are used to keep parent notified about the Alerts generated Bus

  • alert when bus leave the school ( pickup)
  • alert when bus reaches the school ( pickup end)
  • alert when dropping starts at school end time ( dropping start)

GPS + RFID Systems:

This variant provides RFID based location updates of your children whether your child has reached school or not. Alerts are sent to parents on the arrival of the bus as well as when a student is picked or dropped. Alerts are directly sent to parents Android Mobile in the form of PUSH Notifications.

A smart card is provided to each student. Smart Card contains student ID information. At the entrance of the bus, RFID card reader will be provided (Internally its connected with GPS Device). Students need to flash the smart card.

  • While entering into the bus at pick-up point (Pickup)
  • While leaving from bus at a school (Pickup)
  • While entering into the bus after school (Drop)
  • While leaving bus at drop point (Drop)
We also provide personal vehicle tracking system.