The S-ART LACONIC Solution

Each student, Teaching and Admin Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Visitor etc will be provided with S-ART LACONIC An Intelligent IDENTITY CARD registered on RFID or BIOMETRIC device. In essence, every person who enter the campus is accounted for real time all the time. For the highest level of security each S-ART LACONIC I.D. Cards/ print is multi frequency, unique and contains only relevant embedded student information that can only be red by the School/ College system. This card ,if chosen would also have the photograph, name, class, division, roll number printed for visual identity. It is now required that this card continue to be mandatorily be on [with] the student at all times while in School/college. In case there are existing I.D. Cards these can be replaced by the new S-ART LACONIC I.D. Cards.

Direct Benefits

At the time when students enters or exits School/college campus gate, In BIOMETRIC student need to show their personal I.D. Card at the reader installed locations. Which requires individual cards should be taken close to the reader so that it can be read. The student will be marked as PRESENT with this event. Whereas the RFID I.D. Card is concerned the reader device reads the Students I.D. Cards withen 8mtr range and his attendance is registered automatically.

The system will send SMS to all parents, for absent Children informing them of their wards absence from school/college within 10 minutes of School/college Start Time .A similar SMS will be send to parents to inform that when their children came late to School/College, leave late or leave early from School/College.

The Principal's office will have a manual over ride facility for registering students who have forgotten or have misplaced their card. The School/college may allow this based on their policy. The Class Teachers will randomly on any date do the manual checkup. Any proxy by card attendance [ co-student carrying cards of absent students] will be detected by this method and the School/college establishment will take required action as it may deem fit. More to this the Class Teacher will also get an Automated SMS on their mobile phone of the total Head-count of students [Present & Absent] as soon as the lecture time starts.

All cards registered on this specific reader before the school end time, will prompt the system to a SMS Alert to the parents to keep them informed about their Childs early Exit.


LACONIC S-ART Bus Solution is a combination of its powerful Software an advanced Hardware which offers following features and benefits.


Advance RFID Technology Real Time Information School Attendance Parents receive SMS Alerts Real time Alert and Reporting Vehicle visibility, control and truancy avoidance. Single Card Interface ALL-FOR –ONE –Solution No Manual Intervention, Works by itself. Non-Intrusive System Dedicated Reporting Anytime access around the World.

Online Web Software Platform Wireless GPRS connectivity to Data server No-Interactive, No-Initiative. Secure and Encrypted Exception data, No human intervention

DASHBOARD: The Dashboard offers instant snapshot of your designated key indicators and provide real-time information in a single view. The Dashboard includes information such as Data, Day and Total Number of Students, Present and Absent Students, Total percentage, and daily percentage of all the standards/classes, Dashboard helps managers to proactively manage for better results. With all the information to do their job at their fingertip, you will quickly realize increased productivity and better management.

This report gives you the entire class attendance in just one click. It display the actual time the student enter the School/College and exit the School/College. A monthly Class attendance report is also generated. All these report can be exported to EXCEL/PDF format easily. MONTHLY CLASS ATTENDANCE REPORT: This report gives you the month wise attendance for entire class Attendance. I displays at what time did the student enter the School/College and exit the School/College. All these report can be exported to EXCEL/PDF format easily.

This report gives you the attendance report for the students absent throughout entire class. It can also be generated for all classes as well. All these reports can be exported to EXCEL/PDF format easily.


DAILY STAFF ATTENDANCE REPORT: This report gives you the list of staff attendance. It display at what time did the employee enter the School/College and exit the School/College. Which staff he/she belongs to, Total working hours, A monthly Class Attendance report is also generated. All these report can be exported to EXCEL/PDF format easily

this report lists is for those students who arrived late in the School. It displays Name of Student, Class and section, School Entry Timing etc.This report can be generated for individual class also and can be exported to EXCEL/PDF format easily.

This option let you customize your SMS's. This helps you to make an announcement through SMS to all the students as well staff.One can even send SMS to a particular Class also.