Student Attendance Report Time School/College Attendance Solutions [RFID & BIOMETRIC]

CARE YOUR LOVING Because it is W o r t h!

In the present age An Educational institute provide quality education to their children around the region, with excellent infrastructure and takes pride in providing an environmental promotion for student's progress. In this, Security of students is becoming the biggest concern among citizens, Parents and Institutions. And increasingly concerned about the accountability of their children when they leave home for School and up to the time they return home. In the mean time with today's Social & Political problems, School/College & Parents are required to take safety measures to tackle the additional responsibility of ensuring the safety of their wards while they are at School Care That is to say ,the time they leave home for School either on a School Bus or on their own till the time they reach School and back to home it is risky. So it's not the responsibility of School or College to monitor the movement of a child once he or she leaves School on their own or when

they leave their homes for School[for non School Bus Children] but now School can take the preventive steps to Alert Parents and School if things are out of the ordinary in the arrival and departure patterns of the children from School.

While the influence of media, opulent lifestyle, increasingly busy parents and worst of all sheer pressure, the best of and the most disciplined of children are influenced into missing School, resulting in the parents belief that their children are at School, when actually their whereabouts are unaccountable.
Realizing the growing need for a Solution to these issues several Schools in India have opted to implement the S-ART LACONIC Solution as a state of Art monitoring and security system designed especially for Indian Schools/Colleges considering Indian conditions and customizes specially for your institutions.